After years of renting various buildings land was acquired on which we could implement the building of a house and project centre. Construction began in 2016 and was finally completed in April 2018. This area is now the focus of our efforts and the additional accommodation allows Amanda to "home" a number of children.


HAPPY HOUSE. Bela Vista, a favela in the region of Tatuquara, Curitiba, is home to around 600 children. (Favela is the Portuguese word for a shanty town.) Here we are partnering with a group of local Christians who share our vision for this community. We have been greatly encouraged by the openness and welcoming attitude among the families in Bela Vista. Significant progress in building trust and relationships has already been made. We offer fun and educational activities, love and care. Although our focus is upon the children of Bela Vista, our contact has naturally extended beyond them to their families. Read more in our news section as we continue to develop our activities there.



APAV, Associação Paranaense Alegria de Viver, (which means Joy of Life in English), is a Brazilian residential charity, established in 1993, which cares for children with HIV/AIDS.

We were introduced to APAV in 2007 and are deeply grateful for their support in obtaining a voluntary work visa for Amanda to live in Brazil. We have continued to benefit enormously from their vast experience and are privileged to also support their endeavours.


After a number of informal visits with the children, Amanda was invited to give English language classes. As always the focus is on enjoying learning although if the truth be told the children are teaching her as much Portuguese as she is teaching them English! The language produces many laughs as they make mistakes, act things out and generally muddle through!


We have enjoyed taking some of the children out for a special treat day and hope to do more of this.